Join us February 25th, 11am – 6pm for Fiesta Day!
La Setima (7th Avenue) will be closed to traffic and filled with food, fun, arts & crafts and entertainment for the entire family.


This family-friendly, FREE “street festival” celebration commemorates these Cuban, Italian, Spanish, Jewish and German immigrants that settled in Ybor City in the late 1800’s as the cigar factories thrived. Fiesta Day attracts families and people of all ages.

The 70th Annual Fiesta Day promises great musical talent! This year’s performers include Mambo LeBron Orchestra, and Alina Izquierdo, “The Diamond Voice of Cuba” and her band, Freddy Montes y su Son, and Los Hijos del Son.

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Fiesta Day 2016

Fiesta Day 2016 from Since 1987 Films on Vimeo.

Fiesta Day started out as a “verbena” or day of rest for the cigar workers who settled in Ybor City’s, “Cigar City Capital of the World” from Spain, Cuba, Germany and Italy and now attracts thousands of passionate people to the festival’s exquisite ethnic food and entertainment. Ybor City’s famed “La Setima” or 7th Avenue is closed to traffic and the festival celebrates the “Best of Ybor” and includes ethnic food, arts & crafts, and ethnic music on our 7th Avenue Stage.